Would you be willing to slow down your highway driving if it meant saving money on fuel spending and reducing your emissions? I don't.

Ford commissioned a survey through Penn Schoen Berlandalso and found that 64 percent of American drivers are driving less frequently to save on gasoline. As for those willing to lighten up on the gas pedal, 41 percent are slowing down to reduce fuel consumption and 10 percent say they draft behind larger vehicles to save fuel. This last one is a dangerous practice, though, and we can't recommend it.

For the 59 percent who are not willing to slow down to save on gasoline consumption, Ford asks how about stop-start technology? The 2013 Ford Fusion is offering EcoBoost with Auto Start-Stop technology, along with EcoBoost only and hybrid and plug-in hybrid offerings. For those taking the survey, they're willing to pay more upfront for green products to save money over time, and Auto Start-Stop adds $295 to the purchase price.

Ford calculates that if just 50,000 customers add the Auto Start-Stop option to their new Fusion, it would save more than 14 million pounds of CO2 emissions and nearly one million gallons of gasoline annually. And it's very easy to use, especially since it's always ready unless you tell it not to engage. When you stop at a red light, your engine shuts off. When you take your foot off the brake, it automatically starts up again smoothly. For a video of all this, see below .

For foot-heavy Americans like myself, stop-start technology is a much more realistic way to save fuel than slowing down to achieve fuel saving and emissions reducing results.

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