At the same time that Volkswagen is lowering its sales forecast for the year due to Europe's weak economy, Porsche is predicting huge business next year for its Macan.

The Audi Q5-based crossover will give Porsche entry into the same money-pool where compact luxury CUVs like the Range Rover Evoque and the Macan's donor Audi continue to frolic. Earlier, Porsche predicted 45,000 sales for the Macan when it goes on sale next year, but a report in Automotive News Europe says the sales number has been raised all the way up to 75,000.

To up the prediction for its newest model by 66 percent is a sign of massive confidence by Porsche. It's also a gamble on an overall upward trend for markets outside of Europe. Should Porsche actually hit the 75,000 unit mark, the company's global sales would benefit from a percentage gain that would seem remarkable, to say the least. Porsche sold 118,865 vehicles in 2011. Assuming the automaker could increase sales of its other product lines lines by ten percent (not an insignificant jump) both this year and next, adding 75,000 Macans to the mix would indicate a 52-percent boost to the line at the bottom that everyone loves.

If the Porsche purist in you chokes on the idea of a sea of little Porsche crossovers, just remember that each Macan sold helps pay for the return of a 928.

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