A dash cam captured an extremely frightening ordeal. The footage shows a fairly mundane drive along a two-lane through a heavily forested area. The driver of the car passes slower cars and trucks with relative ease as the road snakes along.

The trip seems to be going rather well until disaster strikes when the driver attempts to pass two trucks at once, as, apparently, the driver of the second truck wanted to do some passing of their own. Just as the car starts to go around the two, the truck swerves into the same lane as the car -- at very high speeds, mind you -- and nearly runs the car off of the road.

Fortunately, the car driver seems to have had his wits about him, as he was able to avoid both smashing into the truck and going off of the road into the trees.

Check out the video for yourself above and make sure to always exercise caution when passing on two-lane roads.

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