Only one fifth of Chrysler Group dealers will have the chance to sell 2013 SRT Viper, according to an Automotive News report. To qualify for the V10 beast, a hopeful dealer will have to train staff and purchase special tools, as well as improve their facilities. This does not guarantee the ability to sell the Viper. It merely keeps the dealer on the list of potential suitors.

SRT CEO Ralph Gilles spoke with journalists in a broadcast interview in Detroit this month, lining out the plan for dealers intent on selling the 8.4-liter snake: "We're going to open it up to any dealer who can put up the money ... you've got to have the training, the facilities, and some history of selling Vipers and SRTs in general."

While Chrysler has not yet announced the number of Vipers to be built each year, it will certainly be a limited run, and not every dealer will have the opportunity to put one in their showroom. According to Gilles, they want only the best dealers carrying their 640-horsepower super car.

"There's going to be a new breed of customer coming, so we want to make sure they have a great experience," said Gilles.

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