We're in love with the Ural line. The bare-bones bikes have a rugged, no-fuss appeal, but they're also pricey. There's good reason for that: most of Ural's products are hand-built by master craftsmen. Take the video below as proof. Visitors to the Irbit, Russia facility responsible for constructing the bikes recently got to see just what goes into stitching a sidecar together. There are no robots swinging panels around or making precision welds. Just one guy, some metalworking equipment, and a little patience.

The gentleman in the video manages to assemble the sidecar in just under four minutes. That's a lifetime in manufacturing, but well worth it in our judgement. How many items in your care were assembled by skilled hands? How many will be around in 10 years? How about 30? If our experiences with Ural are any gauge, this robust sidecar is in for the long haul.

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