Look who stopped in to pay a visit to Jay Leno. The crew from SRT dropped off the 2013 Viper for our favorite denim-clad TV personality to play with for a spell. Leno owns two Viper models himself, including the very first black example ever produced. Needless to say, the guy knows his V10 snakes. Beth Paretta, Director of Marketing for SRT, chatted with the comedian about the new SRT brand and what makes the 2013 Viper so special. Among other things, Peretta notes the machine will bow with seats built by the same supplier that serves up the thrones in everyone's favorite Ferrari model. It certainly pays to have Italian masters on occasion.

As you've likely heard, the 2013 Viper now comes with federally mandated traction control, which is a change Leno likens to the fact that the second-gen machine bowed with air conditioning whereas the first car didn't. The comedian maintains the step is a natural progression, especially given that the tech can be switched off on command.

SRT dropped off the same pilot car that debuted at this year's New York Auto Show, and SRT design head Mark Trostle throws in his insights on the snake's latest iteration as well. Check out the video for yourself by scrolling below.

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