Konstantin Othmer loves his Tesla Model S. The serial entrepreneur was one of the lucky few who took delivery last Friday at the car's official launch and as such, he is one of just a handful of people who have had more then a mere ten minutes behind the wheel.

He has spent that time well. Besides giving rides to friends and family, he's also taken the opportunity to share with the world at large what it is, exactly, that he likes about his new all-electric ride in an entertaining video.

We won't give it all away, but will say that he does touch on a couple of our favorite themes. No gas needed, along with lots of performance. Enough performance, in fact, that his camera person (understandably) let's out an expletive or two during some acceleration demonstrations. Luckily for those at work or sensitive to such coarse outbursts, he's just put up a family-friendly version.

We've seen initial media impressions of the Model S, as well as those from reservation holders. Now, scroll below and see what an owner makes of America's first electric performance sedan.

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