Drifting's been off the front pages for a while, the latest reports having more to do with turmoil than tire shredding. As with most things, though, just because it's not headlining doesn't mean it's disappeared. NOS energy drink sent one of our favorite filmic chroniclers, Will Roegge, across the country to survey the drifting world. The result is a mini-documentary called Keep Drifting Fun.

And we do mean the word "documentary" – it's 30 minutes long. Although there's plenty of smoke and wall-kissing, its length gives us an opportunity to hear from drifters and organizers to find out what's behind the sport, as well as their own motivations, where drifters come from and why they drift. It looks at venues beyond the track, like tree-lined back roads in Houston and alleys in late-night El Paso, and we dig that it starts off with the protagonists themselves admitting, "Drifitng is so stupid," "It's pointless," and "When you boil it all down it's pretty silly."

The movie, on the other hand, isn't. Scroll down to check it out.

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