Few automakers do camper vans quite so well as Volkswagen. From factory additions to aftermarket conversions, models like the Transporter seem perfect for on-the-go living. Now a company in the UK has taken the camper conversion one step further with the Doubleback. In addition to a large pop-up roof tent, the creation boasts an expandable aft section than can increase the vehicle's length by an additional 6.5 feet. The conversion is said to add just 286 pounds to the Transporter, and the mechanism expands in under 45 seconds to nearly double living space. Unfortunately, you'll be splitting all that extra room between you and only one other friend. The swap nixes all but the front two seats.

If this all sounds familiar, it certainly should. We first caught a glimpse of the Doubleback a month ago, but the company has released a few videos showing exactly how the conversion works here in the real world. With a load rating of 1,323 pounds with the legs extended, the structure is engineered to sleep even the biggest boned campers out there. Unfortunately, snagging one will cost you. Look to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $87,975 for the Doubleback if you like what you see. Scroll below to check out the videos for yourself.

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