If you ask us, the whole "anything-ageddon" craze that has permeated the news networks is getting a bit old. Take last year's "Carmageddon," which turned a 10-mile Los Angeles freeway closure into a two month-long, End of Days-style scare-fest. By the time the dreaded weekend arrived, the entire ordeal turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.

But while traffic around the 405 wasn't bad, it appears that couples might have been bumper-to-bumper back home. CBS This Morning reports that births appear to be up significantly the past couple weeks, which is noteworthy considering that Carmageddon happened a full nine months ago. We're guessing you can do the math on that one.

Since the month isn't even over yet, it's difficult to get definitive proof of this phenomenon. But the CBS show managed to find a few parents who confessed to avoiding the traffic and staying home for a little private time that weekend. One couple was going to name their new baby Chevy, but when they found out it was a girl, the name idea turned to Prius. What, Prius isn't a manly name? Hit the jump to watch the CBS report.

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