Carmageddon fears fizzle as 405 reopens ahead of schedule

Los Angeles motorists keep Carmageddon at bay – Click above to watch video after the jump

Carmageddon has come and gone. In reality, it never quite showed up. Los Angeles officials had been warning of the impending 405 freeway closure for months now, and it appears the populace was listening. According to reports, area freeways were relatively empty and travel through Southern California proved to be an easy task.

Work also seemed to go easily for the crew tasked with taking down a portion of the Mulholland Drive bridge. The 405 was slated to reopen sometime early morning, however, the freeway was open for business on Sunday, a full 17 hours ahead of schedule. This was all good practice for the next weekend-long shutdown of the 405, when construction crews will take down, then repair, the other half of the old bridge.

Click past the jump to watch a report on how Carmageddon turned into a relaxing California weekend.

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