High-end video of high-end detail job on high-end Ferrari

We have a thing for high-end detailing jobs. We're not talking about what the guy at your local drive-through car wash does for an extra $10. We're talking about the kind of detailing done by highly trained professionals that costs thousands of dollars and could take hundreds of hours to complete.

We normally get our fix of before-and-after photos from friend-of-the-site Todd Cooperider, whose work we've featured on Autoblog before. This time, however, we bring you some work done on a well worn Ferrari Enzo by a company in the UK called Polished Bliss.

Instead of before-and-after images, Polished Bliss produced an excellent six-minute video with production quality that matches the 144-hour(!) detailing job it chronicles. If you've ever wanted to watch these masters practice their craft, then scroll down to start the show.

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