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Retro greatness in UK promo film for 1980 Porsche 928

Porsche invested remarkably in the 928, introduced in 1978, planning for it to supersede the by-then 15-year-old 911. It had a transaxle to keep weight balance 50/50, an instrument binnacle that tilted with the steering wheel, sun visors for rear passengers, polyurethane bumpers that, compared to the chromed monstrosities of the day, actually maintained the car's lines, and some of the coolest pop-up headlights ever. Its front-mounted V8 with 297 horsepower got 82 more ponies than the Ferrari 308 GTB. We also particularly like how much the 928 looks like a futuristic spacecraft mixing it up in period traffic, as it makes every other car shown look like it was drawn with an antique T-square.

To sell the car to UK customers in 1980, Porsche put together an eight-minute clip that spent as much time on the innovations as it did on women shopping, golfing and driving through a lot of castle driveways – lifestyle marketing clearly isn't new for the Stuttgart automaker.

If you're ready for "an impression of what motoring in its finest form is like" from the days when you could just "phone your local Porsche dealer, tell him you want a drive and he'll take care of the rest," there's a video for you after the jump.

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