Infiniti M to get stretched for China

China is Infiniti's second-largest market, so important to the brand that it is building its global headquarters in Hong Kong. Infiniti will also adapt to the local tastes in another way this year when it offers an M37 sedan variant that's stretched by 150 millimeters for the Chinese market.

By now the Chinese preference for extended-wheelbase vehicles is well known, Audi's A6L having left a trail of money that the BMW 5Li, Mercedes-Benz E300L and Volvo S80L were quick to follow. The longer Infiniti M will go up against that bunch. Unlike its competitors, however, the M isn't built in China, so even though it helped Infiniti nearly double its sales there last year, some suggest the price disparity will handicap its chances.

We'll know the specifics once the extended-wheelbase M debuts at the Beijing Auto Show in April. A hybrid version is expected to follow after the first model goes on sale in June.

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