There are plenty of automotive phenomena we don't entirely understand. Take sound system competitions, for example. We just never saw the practical use for a stereo worth more than your vehicle, especially when the largest fraction of that investment gets channeled into bowel-wobbling subwoofers. That is, until now. The owner of this particular Pontiac Grand Prix has found a unique way to shed snow from his car in the winter. Instead of standing in the cold with a brush and scraper, he simply cranks the volume on his Rockford Fosgate P3 subwoofers and lets physics take over.

Thanks to a little pounding bass, the vehicle's windows are clear of snow in no time flat. Of course, the gentleman's neighbors might have a word or two to say about his turning the community's winter wonderland into a pounding dance floor. Hit the jump to check out the clip for yourself, just be sure to nix the volume.

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