Belumbury presents its DANY city car at the Milan International Motorcycle Show

While one might imagine that the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA) is strictly a two-wheeled affair, it's become apparent that's not necessarily the case. The proof? Meet DANY, a two-door city car with seating for four, by Belumbury.

The new Italian company decided that having the chance to have its debut product seen by the 500,000 people that attend EICMA was too great an opportunity to pass up, despite a potentially excessive number of wheels. Developed in conjunction with the Università di Camerino, DANY comes in both electric and gasoline-powered flavors.

Both are of steel tube construction with plastic bodies with lots of thought given to safety and sustainability. Both have 4-wheel disc brakes, MacPherson struts suspension and are rear-wheel-drive with a turning radius of 8.4 meters (27.6 foot).

The electric version is powered by a 10 kW (13.41 horsepower) AC motor motor capable of 140 Nm (103 lb ft) of torque. The juice is stored in a 16.3-kWh lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack and is said to offer 112 miles of range in Eco mode – 90 miles in "Race" mode. Top speed is listed as just 96 km/h (59.3 miles per hour), allowing it to be categorized as a Quadricycle in Europe.

The gas-powered version uses a two-cylinder engine with a half-liter of displacement that makes 15 kW (20.12 horsepower) and 36.5 Nm (37 pound feet) of torque. All that power – yes, all of it – is sent to the wheels via a CVT (continuously variable transmission). Gasoline consumption is said to be a reasonable 26 km/l (61.16 mpg), while the top speed is slightly less than the electric variant at 90 km/h (55.92 mph).

There's no word yet on when the Rome-based production will start or the size of the price tag. When the DANY does go on sale, it's likely that distribution will be limited to Europe. Hit the jump to see this smartly-designed Italian in action in its promotional video.

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