Top Gear's Top 40 series headed for your TV, America

Please note: This is your one and only warning to set your DVR. You have until Monday, November 28, at 8:00 pm. That's when BBC America will air the world premiere of the newest Top Gear spin-off: Top Gear Top 40.

Now we might normally be a bit critical of a television series that advertises itself as a greatest hits pastiche. In some ways, it kind of reminds us of those terrible sitcom episodes they used to slap together all the time back in the '80s, with characters "remembering" bits from old episodes. But this is different. This is Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond doing what they do best. This is Top Gear.

How can you not get excited about re-watching clips like "Ferrari Daytona vs. Powerboat" and "Commie Cars" from Season 12? Or "Top Gear vs. Germans" from Season 11? Or "Veyron vs. Eurofighter" from Season 10?

Trust us, we've peeked at the 40 segments the show plans to feature, and nobody should be disappointed. In fact, the list of 40 clips comes from voting suggestions made by the general public, so there's even less reason to fear. Read the entire press release after the jump.
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Fans have voted and starting November the Top Gear Top 40 will be named

Through the years, the Top Gear trio have taken on a truckload of challenges and BBC AMERICA is looking to name the best of the best. With so many races, tests and all-out vehicular battles, ordering them wasn't exactly easy, so opened it up for fans to vote. You've narrowed it down to the most ambitious, most ridiculous auto stunts the Top Gear guys have been able to pull off... or at least made a valiant effort to do so. Amphibious cars? The race across London? The best driving road? The results are in. Now, the man behind the world's biggest car show, Top Gearexecutive producer Andy Wilman, will lead the reveal, counting down what the fans have chosen as their... Top Gear Top 40. Top Gear Top 40 premieres Monday, November 28, with back-to-back premiere episodes at 8:00pm & 9:00pm ET/PT each week.

A high-octane eight episode adventure from start to finish, each week Top Gear Top 40 will present some of the greatest burnt-rubber-thrills from around the globe with hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Andy Wilman counts down the top 40 challenges and looks back on a decade of the trio's auto-escapades while he takes viewers through the rankings.

Will the Reliant Robin turned space shuttle come out on top? Did the challenges featuring the famed Bugatti Veyron earn the best rankings? Or maybe the amphibious contenders will take the cake. The challenges that received the highest number of votes will be announced during a special 90-minute finale, which premieres at the close of 2011 on Monday, December 26.

Coming in 2012, a new season of Top Gear will premiere as well as BBC AMERICA's new original series, Richard Hammond's Crash Course, which will make its world debut. Traveling across the US, Hammond learns how to operate America's largest and most dangerous vehicles in some of the country's most extreme environments.

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