With 522 Nm (385 pound-feet) of torque available in an instant, and a super low-cut windshield bug deflector, the newly-revealed Arcspeed Sports is an all-electric that seems ready to bring an extreme roadster experience to the low-carbon, high-performance party. By that we mean that when you push the power pedal down and silently scream your way up to 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds, the open-to-the-elements cockpit should communicate the sense of speed in a way no targa top, or even convertible, can.

Proudly Australian, the Sports boasts a body, drivetrain and electronic controls conceived and constructed in its native land. Generous souls that they are, the company says it plans to build both left and right-hand drive versions and anticipates a fair amount of international demand given the performance and a price said to be "less than half the price of other currently available electric sports cars." Given that the best known vehicle in that category cost over $200,000 in the land down under, we assume Arcspeed will be asking for an amount slightly North of $100,0000, though we'd be happy to learn we are jumping to expensive conclusions.

The topless transporter relies on a closely-monitored, temperature-controlled lithium phosphate battery pack located in its floor to provide up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) of open-air excitement before it needs to be plugged in again. There is an option to double that range with extra packs, though the company does warn that the extra weight would also result in a decrease in its other performance abilities. Charging for the standard pack comes in about four hours from flat to full, given a proper 220-volt feed.

To learn more and get a better look at this latest addition to the all-electric stable, hit the jump for video of the Arcspeed Sports roadster in action, along with the official press release.
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Australia's first all electric, high performance, sports car released

Released today and putting the fun and back into open top motoring with an environmental focus, is Australia's first all-electric, high performance, roadster style sports car - the Arcspeed Sports.

Showing the world that electric cars don't have to be ugly shopping carts, and using an all-Australian designed can-am styled body & chassis, concealing the advanced AC motor, drive train, lithium batteries, battery & car management systems and sporting over 144 unique information processors on-board, the Arcspeed Sports equals super-car performance, delivering 0-100kph in 3.8 seconds.

It is not only the Australian designed and manufactured advanced and mid-mounted electric motor and controller - that is over 98% efficient and delivering 522Nm of torque directly to the rear wheels - the car's advanced software control systems, all managed through an LCD touch screen dash display and sporting an integrated, internet connected, iPad for systems monitoring, in-car entertainment and navigation- all communicating via wireless in-car networking and external 3G networks - the Arcspeed Sports is showcasing the absolute best in Australia's advanced electric automotive technology, to the world.

From the head turning design to the scintillating performance and unlike other electric sports cars, the Arcspeed Sports has been designed from the ground up as an open top roadster that is resetting the standard for automotive fun. Developed as a high-performance road sports car that can also be driven on specialised track days for racing enthusiasts in the emerging electric car racing categories, the Arcspeed Sports is a very cleverly designed piece of advanced Australian electric vehicle engineering.

Developed using entirely private funding, Arcspeed Pty Limited are about to go into production of the Arcspeed Sports and will be building a limited number of Australian Road registered cars for local use and a left hand drive version for export.

Priced at less than half the price of other currently available electric sports cars, the Arcspeed Sports is destined to showcase Australian electric vehicle design and engineering which will establish the benchmark for future electric sports cars across the world, bringing affordable electric sports car performance back into the reach of everybody.

Arcspeed has combined the experience of Australia's leading individual sports car builders along with leading electrical vehicle engineering expertise to produce Australia's first, truly unique, all electric sports car.

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