YouTube has served up some pretty impressive motorcycle saves over the years, and Gino Rea can now count himself among the hallowed few who have managed to pull a bike out of a tailspin and come up grinning.

The World Supersport rider found himself in a nasty high-side during last weekend's race in Portugal when the rear of his Honda went wild. Instead of simply accepting his date with the asphalt, Rea held on and actually managed to keep the machine vertical throughout the thrashing. Unfortunately, he did manage to push fellow rider Brock Parkes off of the track with him at one point.

The video is impressive enough, though BikeSportNews managed to snap a few incredible photos that show just how far Rea was removed from his steed before planting himself back in the saddle. Our hats go off to the rider. Rea finished the race 14th. Hit the jump to check out the impressive bit of riding for yourself.

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