There's nothing like Europe's enthusiasm for motorsports. While our nation's lawyers have cornered our high-horsepower endeavors into tri-ovals and road courses, Europeans have no problem setting up a few hay bales and handing over public streets to a slew of vintage rally kings for an exhibition of carbureted glory. Such was the case at the recent 2011 Rally Legend event in San Marino, Italy, where the town's quaint lanes were cleared for a pack of Lancia Stratos HF racers.

The event also enjoyed a very special visitor: the newest interpretation of the epic wedge. A fan took the time to video a few passes by various racers, including the New Stratos, to give us all an idea of what the beast sounds like under a flogging. With 540 horsepower barking through eight very Italian cylinders, the New Stratos sounds like it looks; fantastic. Hit the jump to check out the clips for yourself.

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