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Experience the Tesla Model S Beta release event in HD

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If your invitation to the unveiling and sweet test rides of the Tesla Model S Beta was somehow lost in the mail and the only coverage of the event you've seen is via various shaky-cam footage from attendees, you're in luck. Tesla did its own multi-camera HD filming and has released a quartet of videos that bring you into the Beta-release tent.

The vids include the drive-in reveal by CEO Elon Musk and his many passengers and go on to cover his discussion of the Model S's safety, its excellent performance, the interior (with emphasis on the 17-inch touchscreen) and a sampling of first impressions from customers after their test ride.

A theme that gets repeated throughout is that the Model S is not meant to just be better than other electrics, but rather better than any car available today regardless of power source. It's good to be ambitious, and the Model S beta definitely ticks a lot of our boxes. If you were ticked about not going to the event at the Tesla factory, make your way past the break and get a nice, assuaging HD look for yourself.

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