Tesla Model S chased through Palo Alto Hills

Tesla Model S beta testing in the wild – Click above to watch video after the jump

We've seen footage of the 2012 Tesla Model S on the track posing pretty for the corporate cameras both with its Roadster stable mate and without. In the wild, sightings are more rare, but now video has emerged of a little car chase along a (very) twisty Page Mill Road in the Palo Alto hills.

Apparently, someone with a heavy foot, a keen eye and a camera-equipped co-pilot caught up with the all-electric sedan as it was out doing a bit of Saturday afternoon beta testing. While the quality of the shaky-cam footage doesn't allow for much detailed analysis, you can get an idea of how the Model S handles the snake-like road: quite well, thank you very much.

We can also imagine the difference within the cabins of the two vehicles. In our minds, the Tesla driver is enjoying the outing, perhaps listening to Chopin's Scherzo No. 1 in B minor, bemusedly eying the antics of the stalker in the rear view whilst the alpha build delivers a satisfying performance with the same perfect aplomb as the piano music filling the air. Meanwhile, in the pursuit vehicle, the buzz of the engine rises and falls, mingling with the sound of frantic gear shifting as its occupants are shoved forward and back in their seats with every pump and dump of the clutch.

The guys in the gas-powered car hang pretty close throughout the drive, at least until the Tesla makes a quick pass and takes advantage of some open road and leaves them out of sight for a bit. The whole thing leaves us with one question only. Where do we sign up for this sweet Alpha beta-testing gig? Hit the jump to check out a little Tesla Model S hot pursuit action for yourself.

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