Schumacher Mi-3 lays claim to title of World's Fastest R/C car with 161.76 mph pass

Schumacher Mi-3 R/C Car - Click above to watch video after the jump

If you're reading these words, there's a good chance that there's at least one remote-controlled car sulking in your basement or garaged in a cardboard box in the attic. Most of us walk away from R/Cs for good once we get our hands on full-scale transportation, but a select few individuals keep tinkering with the scale models. Those guys go on to create some pretty awesome contraptions.

Guys like Nic Case. Case set the world record for the fastest remote controlled car a few years ago by clocking a top speed of 161.76 miles per hour with his custom-built racer.

The car uses a carbon-fiber chassis and $4,000 worth of electrical components to do the deed. If that's not crazy enough for your, Case says that he now has his heart set on building an R/C capable of ripping past the 200-mph barrier. The mad scientist says that he's currently in the midst of construction. Hit the jump to see the Schumacher Mi 3 whirr its way into the record books.

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