Chris Bangle talks supercars - Click above to watch video after the jump

Regardless of where you stand on Chris Bangle's contribution to BMW design, the man possesses a unique insight on the state of automotive design today. The guys at Car Design News recently got the chance to catch up with Bangle at the Geneva Motor Show, and rather than ask him about whether or not he has any intention of returning to the automotive sector any time soon, Editor Eric Gallina pinged the former BMW design boss on what he thought of supercar design today.

The answer was far more enlightening and entertaining than any pre-manufactured sound bite.

By and large, Bangle seems to think supercar design has hit a plateau, and that if automakers are willing to be politically incorrect by manufacturing high-horsepower, fuel-thirsty speed machines, they also need to be willing to take some risks on the design front as well.

Oh, there's also a bit where he says that Lamborghini products were typically designed to be given to prostitutes. Or something. If you can stand a little shaky-hand-cam to the max, the clip after the jump will be well worth your time.

[Source: Youtube]

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