First sketch of 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class leaks out

The first sketch of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class has made its way to the internets, and judging by the look of things, the vehicle may appear much sportier than the styling buck we saw back in January. According to, the A-Class will likely make its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show, and when it does, it may bring along lines borrowed from the sports-coupe playbook. Toward the rear of the vehicle, the artists at the Silver Arrow appear to have thrown in a beltline that kicks up toward the rear hatch. Likewise, the roof of the A-Class leans down as it approaches the back glass.

Those details were all but absent in the clay buck nabbed by our spy photographers just a few weeks ago. That creation wore a much more functional, boxy design. Regardless of which look wins out, odds are buyers can expect to find both five-door and three-door hatch configurations when the baby Benz finally lands in dealer showrooms.

Under the hood, rumor has it that Mercedes-Benz will bolt in a number of fuel-savvy engines, though rumored AMG iteration may pack up to 270 horsepower.


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