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After thousands of years serving as the transportation of choice, the horse was unceremoniously replaced by the automobile. The fact is, cars don't need food, water or shelter, and thanks to the automobile, a trip that used to take three days can now happen over the course of a couple hours. So the car wins, for ever and ever, right? Tell that to the driver of a massive tanker truck that slid off the road during what looks like a terrific snow storm.

Hit the jump to watch what could be an Amish man and his pack of powerful Clydesdales pull a shining example of modern machinery out of the ditch. If you click through quickly we'll refrain from boring you with a plethora of lame "horsepower" puns or quips about 16-leg-drive beating all-wheel-drive any day of the week. Don't make us count to three. Still here? Fine: turns out all the horse power you really need can be counted on just one hand.

[Source: YouTube]

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