Michael Vick's Woodbury Nissan commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump

When Michael Vick went to prison for bankrolling an illegal dog fighting operation, sports journalists and fans the world over threw dirt on his once highly successful career as an NFL quarterback. Vick did his time and eventually made his way back to the big time, but it appeared that his days as a starting quarterback were over. Not so fast. An injury to Philadelphia's starting quarterback meant that Vick got a second chance to run an NFL offense. And he's been excelling; perhaps enough so to become the league's MVP. But can he sell Nissan vehicles? Not a national campaign, mind – we're talking about a local dealer.

Woodbury Nissan, a dealership in New Jersey just outside of Philly, has hired Vick to hock new and used vehicles. The move probably doesn't endear the dealership to dog lovers (or animal owners in general), but the hope is that Eagles fans really won't care. Interestingly, USA Today notes that Vick isn't getting paid for his appearance, though he is getting use of a $54,000 Armada for his troubles.

Hit the jump to watch the commercial (scripted to mimic The Office)l for yourself. Vick isn't wearing a cowboy hat and he's not yelling about amazing deals. Instead, the nearly two-minute spot is very well done for a local add, and it's pretty funny, too. The dealer even takes a shot at the diminutive Versa, which may not sit well with corporate, but it gave us a chuckle.

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