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According to a report from Autocar, Renault expects to launch an electric vehicle (EV) with a range close to 150 miles by 2015. That's a 50 percent improvement over the 100-mile range listed for company's soon-to-be-released Zoe EV. The boost in driving range is believed to be achievable thanks to "chemical enhancements" coming soon for li-ion batteries. But wait, that's not all! The report also hints that Renault is actively developing experimental battery chemistries, possibly of the zinc-air or silver-zinc variety, and expects that by 2025, a 300-mile range EV will become a reality.

The Renault Zoe, which is positioned to become the automaker's best-selling electric, will enter production in 2012. The Zoe features a lithium-ion battery pack that provides juice to an 80 horsepower, 164 pound-feet of torque electric motor. The battery-powered hatch can scoot from 0-60 miles per hour in 8.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 84 mph. Renault is reportedly working on a high-output Gordini version of its electric hatch and is eying a 2013 launch date for the Zoe with more zing.

Renault Zoe preview concept
  • Renault Zoe preview concept

[Source: Autocar]

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