Honda V4 Adventure Concept Sketch – Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda has given the interwebs a quick look at what we can expect from the front of the company's V4 Adventure Concept slated to be unveiled in Milan. Judging by the teaser, it looks like the bike will boast a narrower profile compared to its VFR cousin, helping keep the engine cool and things from going squirrely should the rider decide to visit the upper registers of the speedometer. Additionally, Asphalt and Rubber reports the bike may not pack the same behemoth 1200cc mill as the current VFR as initially believed. Instead, Honda may opt for a smaller engine to keep weight down – think something in the 800cc range.

The company has also indicated that the V4 Adventure Concept will carry floating gauges akin to what's found in the sport bike crowd in order to help keep the rider's eyes forward. That fits in line with word that Honda still intends this concept to me more of a soft roader and less of a true adventure warrior.

  • V4 Adventure Concept Side
  • V4 Adventure Concept Front

[Source: Asphalt and Rubber]

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