Nation-E has revealed its converted Hummer H1, a fully electric, mobile energy supply designed to bring power to areas crippled by extraordinary circumstances likes floods, tornadoes, blackouts and other unpredictable disasters. Appropriately called the Angel H1, Nation-E describes its converted Hummer as a go-anywhere vehicle that has the ability to access remote locations and bring electricity not only to stranded electric vehicles, but also to buildings, hospitals and any other facility that needs juice in emergency situations. Yep, it's a battery-powered savior disguised as a automotive behemoth.

Equipped with a 60 kW battery, the Angel H1 could provide power for satellite and communication devices in remote areas and even provide enough juice to keep mining operations and construction sites operational when a lack of grid power threatens to shut them down. Nation-E has not reveled pricing for its Angel H1, nor has it released full specs, but the vehicle will be on display at the eCarTec exhibition in Munich, Germany later this month.

Nation-E's first product/idea was the Angel-Car, which is also a mobile power center, this time designed specifically for stranded electric vehicles and housed in more conventional vehicles.

[Source: Nation-E]

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