GM trying to trademark "range anxiety" to tell you about "electric vehicle capabilities"

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Think of the oft-discussed term " range anxiety." What company comes to mind? Is it General Motors? Well, that's exactly what GM apparently wants you to do, based on its recent trademark request filing for those exact words. Why does GM want this trademark? The filing, which you can find at Jalopnik, says it's for "promoting public awareness of electric vehicle capabilities." Um, right.

GM has forever (well, since the Chevrolet Volt was originally announced, which seems like forever) said that its plug-in hybrid is better than a pure electric car because you can charge as you go using (premium) gasoline. So, if you were wondering exactly which "capabilities" GM will be promoting, we already know. As Joel Ewanick, GM's vice president of U.S. marketing, told Jalopnik:
[Range anxiety is] something we need to be very aware of when we market this car. We're going to position this as a car first and electric second... people do not want to be stranded on the way home from work.
Well, most people won't be stranded in their electric cars because they'll know how to use them. Of course, GM wants the Volt to sell beyond the early adopters, and using fear has long worked in major marketing campaigns. For all the fresh, new ways GM has been pushing the Volt thus far, it looks like some things will never change. Thanks to Greg B. for the tip!

[Source: Jalopnik via Wired]

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