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Necessity is the mother of invention, or so the saying goes. But this will likely be the first and last time we ever refer to necessity and the Lexus LFA in the same context. Because while it may be a lot of things, the LFA could hardly be counted as a necessity by anyone this side of a Toyota executive bent on showing up Europe's finest.

Supercars, as you may well know, often suffer from rather cramped luggage space, and so the fitted luggage was developed out of necessity. Some of the more established exotic marques like Ferrari and Maserati are well accustomed to offering baggage specifically designed (usually by some very exclusive leather craftsmen like Schedoni or Ferragamo) to fit into the diminutive trunks on their supercars. But for Lexus, this is new territory. So they've turned to established luxury luggage-makers Tumi to develop a set specifically for the LFA.

The result is a set of hard-shell suitcases custom fitted to the LFA's trunk. Each is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, and each has a specific purpose. Like the "concourse" case that's made to fit driving gloves and shoes for track work, or the "coastal" case for longer trips. Each unit will also carry the VIN from the actual car for that added bit of exclusivity. Pack your bags and have a closer look in the gallery below and press release after the jump.

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Lexus and Tumi Partner to Create Premiere Custom Luggage for 2012 LFA Supercar
Leading International Travel, Business and Lifestyle Brand Designs Specialty Pieces for World-Class Lexus Model

NEW YORK – Aug. 12, 2010 – Tumi today announced its partnership with Lexus to create a premium line of travel cases customized to complement the look and feel of the 2012 LFA supercar. The dynamic style of the LFA requires a special design of Tumi luggage which will accompany the car in select markets, including the US and Europe. The vehicle identification number (VIN) corresponding with the owner's LFA will also be inscribed on each bag to complete the exclusive experience.

Lexus approached Tumi knowing the brand's expertise in travel, business and lifestyle would satisfy its consumers' discerning taste. "Like Lexus, Tumi has exceptional brand heritage in performance and function, and the highest level of excellence in design," said Jerome Griffith, president and chief executive officer for Tumi. "We are excited about the partnership with Lexus because it will further communicate Tumi's reputation for outstanding quality and craftsmanship."

The unique line of Tumi cases for the LFA supercar has a hybrid construction, and is styled using components that are directly related to the appearance of the car. Never before have a hard shell, aluminum and carbon fiber-like material, been used in this manner to execute special cases. The custom sizes enable the pieces to be easily packed and lifted from the cargo area. Each case is designed with a distinct purpose. The smaller "concourse" piece is proportioned to fit the essentials for track racing, including gloves and shoes, or items for a quick getaway. The larger "coastal" case is for longer trips when a change of clothes is required. Each piece has an asymmetrical retractable handle and shoulder strap as well as non-skid feet, which hold the luggage in place while the car is in motion.

"The LFA's unparalleled, hand-built quality dovetails with Tumi's dedication to creating excellence," said Dave Nordstrom, Lexus vice president of marketing. "The custom luggage enhances the LFA experience and demonstrates Lexus' dedication to making each encounter with the brand memorable."

Initial deliveries of the Lexus LFA will begin in January 2011. LFA production is limited to 500 units worldwide, each being hand-assembled, with approximately 20 scheduled for production each month. For more information visit

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