Another limited edition Pagani Zonda teased

Pagani Zonda HH teasers – Click above for high-res image gallery

There are a few invariable constants in the automotive universe more unshakable than the parade of special-edition supercars. Pagani has done its part to abide by this law of nature by planning to churn out yet another unique version of its Zonda. The new model is a sort of "best of" selection of parts from around the Pagani shop and boasts the same 678 horsepower V12 from the Cinque, bolted to an honest-to-goodness manual transmission.

The company managed to keep weight down to a feathery 2,667 pounds thanks to bodywork from the Zonda F, and dipped the car in a buyer-specified Monterey Blue paint. The company calls the car the Zonda HH, and if you're thinking it sounds like something you wouldn't mind sticking in your garage, too bad. The car is a one-off beast built just for one very affluent (but so far unnamed) American buyer. The guy had a hand in picking every last one of the parts bolted onto the car, and from his choices, we're guessing he knows what he's doing behind a wrench. So far we only have a few teasers to drool over, but supposedly more news is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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