Ford Explorer reaches 30,000 Facebook fans, celebrates with grille shot

2011 Ford Explorer grille – Click above for teaser gallery

Earlier today, Ford hit its 30,000 fan for the 2011 Explorer Facebook page, so the automaker could give away one all-new unibody 'ute to a lucky follower. To celebrate meeting its goal, Ford has posted yet another teaser, showing off the new Explorer's grille. But enough with the teasers. When can we actually see it in person? Glad you asked...

This coming Monday, Ford will reveal the Explorer at live events across the U.S., including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and at the "glass house" in Dearborn, MI. At a preview of the Explorer in Dearborn earlier this week, marketing VP Jim Farley discussed how Ford plans to drum up interested in the Explorer, and based on the success of last year's Fiesta Movement social media campaign, the Explorer will be omnipresent online and elsewhere in the lead-up to the on-sale date late this year.

According to Farley, the Fiesta campaign required only 10 percent of what a typical new vehicle launch costs, but it overwhelmingly succeeded in establishing name recognition for the small car well ahead of its arrival in showrooms. Given that America already knows the Explorer, Ford will be focusing on how it's "reinvented the SUV for the 21st century." We can't tell you more at the moment, but look forward to full details this Monday 12:01 AM EDT.

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