2011 Jeep Wrangler spy shots – Click above for image gallery

As the most iconic model from a certifiable American institution such as Jeep, it comes as little surprise that every new version of the venerable Wrangler (or CJ if you happen to remember Carter's presidency) causes pangs of distress from Jeep's loyal fanbase. Still, from the square headlights of the original Wrangler YJ to the coil springs of the Wrangler TJ and finally – and easily the most egregious of all in our eyes – the loss of the stalwart 4.0 HO inline-six in favor of the 3.8-liter V6 from a minivan in the latest JK, the Wrangler has continued to sell.

That doesn't seem likely to change for 2011, either. From what we can tell from these few spy shots that were snapped at the Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio, the biggest external change to the next Wrangler is the inclusion of a color-matched hardtop. This is definitely not a bad thing. We can only hope that the next significant alteration to the tried-and-true off-roader-for-the-masses model includes a new drivetrain. Pentastar V6, please, along with automatic and manual transmissions with six forward ratios each. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

*UPDATE: Thanks to some eagle-eyed readers, we just noticed that these 2011 Wranglers also seem to sport a new, more aerodynamic front bumper design as well. Thanks qwerty777!

[Source: The Toledo Blade]

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