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Anyone who has ever spent more than 10 minutes on an automotive forum knows that a flame war is only one inflammatory comment away. Fanboys love to trash anything that doesn't carry their badge of choice, but tread on their beloved marquee and the thread turns into Niagra Falls. But rather than frown upon the typical forum vitriol, a report from the Autoblog Podcast veterans at the Hooniverse shows that Speed TV plans to give these automotive fanatics some air time instead.

The new show is called "Forum Wars," and the premise is to give these big talkers track access to replace wimpy words with tire-smoking action. You think your pristine Dodge Challenger is better than a Mustang forum owner's Bullitt? You may have a chance to take it to the track to decide who's right, once and for all. The show is scheduled to hit the airwaves on Monday, April 5, with the inaugural episode pitting a Shelby Mustang GT500 against a Nissan 350Z. Drivers will hit the bends and take on the straightaways at a drag strip, so all bases are covered. Hit the jump to view Speed TV's 30-second show promo. Looks like this show could be interesting.

[Source: Hooniverse]

The Forum Wars

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