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Our friends across the pond in Europe have always good things to say about the Ford Focus RS, leading to a great deal of angst in America since the Blue Oval Boys have never brought the hi-po Focus Stateside. News from Jost Capito, the man in charge of aligning Ford's performance divisions all around the globe, has us anxiously awaiting the time when that gross oversight is finally corrected.

Automobile recently got the chance to sit down and chat with Capito, and the conversation quickly turned to the new global Ford Focus platform
that was recently unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. According to Capito, Ford is still deciding what to call the next-gen high-performance Focus, saying only, " I don't see RS in Europe going away, and I don't see SVT in the U.S. going away."

Regardless of what it's called, we could very well see the speedy Focus take on multiple forms – similar to the path Ford has taken with the car in Europe with both a Focus ST and top-level RS. Previously, we heard rumors that a
240-horsepower Ecoboost-powered Focus ST could hit the scene within 18 months, followed by the latest RS, which could sport a 350-horsepower all-wheel drive hybrid powertrain, within the next three years.

There are plenty more interesting tidbits in the interview, click here to follow along.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]

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