Renntech-fettled Benz CL65 and C63 AMG set records in Palm Beach [w/video]

Hartmut Feyhl's Renntech C63 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Looking over the pantheon of fast cars around the world, Mercedes-Benz and its AMG-tuned models are always near the top. But there's always room for improvement, right? Enter Renntech, the Florida-based tuning company that's been eking more and more power from the German automaker's wares for over 20 years.

Renntech just informed us of two new world records that its vehicles were able to set, the first by a customer and his CL65. The powerhouse machine used its ECU/TCU upgrade, ram air system, intercooler upgrade, high-flow exhaust and limited-slip differential to good effect, hitting a quarter mile pass of 10.62 seconds at 133.7 miles per hour to earn the title of the World's Fastest CL65.

Next up was Renntech owner Hartmut Feyhl, who's modified C63 (using undisclosed prototype products) ran down the quarter in 11.6 seconds at 125.3 mph. That impressive showing was enough to earn Feyhl the Worlds Quickest Trap Speed for the C63. Congrats on the effort, Renntech. Click past the break to watch a video of the record-setting CL65 as it streaks down the track.

[Source: Renntech]

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RENNtech, the internationally recognized leader in Mercedes-Benz AMG tuning, has 20+ years of experience in developing the world's fastest AMG vehicles to claim the streets.

Two separate 1/4 mile records were made by two very impressive RENNtech cars at Palm Beach International Raceway on Wednesday February 10th, 2010.

The first record was made by a customer's CL65. The vehicle was recently upgraded with newly developed RENNtech modifications which created substantial power and torque improvements. A World Record quarter mile pass of 10.62 seconds @ 133.7 mph was clocked on the cars final pass of the night.

While everyone was celebrating the CL65's record pass, Hartmut Feyhl, owner of RENNtech, set a new record with his very own C63. The vehicle is fully equipped with RENNtech engine, driveline, suspension, and braking modifications, as well as a few other prototype products under development. Hartmut ran 11.6 seconds @ 125.3 mph, which is the Worlds quickest trap speed recorded for the C63.

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