A little confusion travels quickly. As long ago as last year and as recently as last week's Chicago Auto Show, the bed-happy gents at PickupTrucks.com were told that a new Honda Ridgeline would be arriving sometime in 2011. Now the guys have been told by Honda, "That's not the case." The proper information: "there will be no significant change to the Ridgeline through the 2011 model year."

That leaves the Honda pickup to soldier on through a 50-percent decline in sales and EPA numbers on the wrong side of frugality for at least another two years. And with a five-year-old design. Perhaps Honda wants to see how the truck market (and the auto market in general) does in the near term before it decides what the next Ridgeline should be. Or perhaps the company wants to get its core models in order, like those hybrids, before it makes another play at a small segment. We only have guesses – but there are certainly people out there who'd rather have a new Ridgeline.

[Source: PickupTrucks.com]

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