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After seven Formula One World Championships and more records than your local second-hand vinyl shop, Michael Schumacher has proven incredibly adept at driving a point home. Now that he's semi-retired, well...he's still making more money than most of the active drivers in F1 (or any other form of motorsports for that matter), thanks in part to an endorsement deal with Barcardi, the Bermuda-based rum distillery with whom Schumi drives home another kind of point entirely.

To prove the point that drinking and driving don't mix, Schumacher takes once again to the wheel of a Maserati GranTurismo. Only this time he's brought along one Salvatore Calabrese to ride shotgun. Sounds straightforward enough, but the world-renowned bartender known as "The Maestro" isn't coming along just for the ride: while Schumi does what Schumi does best, Calabrese tries to do the same, to highly amusing and illustrative effect. Follow the jump to watch the video.

[Source: Bacardi via YouTube]

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