VIDEO: Irish rally co-driver gives more confidence than a bottle of Bushmill's [*NSFW]

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Football fans know that offense sells tickets, but defense wins games. Rallying is not so different. Drivers get all the glory, but they'd all be stranded upside-down in a tree somewhere without their co-pilots. The navigators ride shotgun and give the driver a turn-by-turn play-by-play of what's coming up around the next bend.

We've seen all kinds of pairings of driver and co-driver, but this one has to take the cake. Behind the wheel of a vintage Ford Escort MkII (pictured above), Irish rally driver Jimmy Deane gets the lay of the land from Barry Meade, whose comically enthusiastic directions make us wish our sat-nav had his voice as an option. If you don't mind a bit of swearing, follow the jump and clip the apex to watch the video to see what we mean.

[*WARNING: Explicit language – NSFW]

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