REPORT: Australian racing fans limited to just 24 beers per day

Bathurst 1000 fan enjoying a coldie during The Great Race

You know what's not aces? When you're just trying to drink a little amber fluid and watch the Bathurst 1000 and the man treats you like a total bogan. What business is it of his how many coldies you drink when it's time to hit the turps? This makes us so mad we could eat a trough lolly! No doubt a pommy bastard thunk this 'un up...

And that marks the end of our silly attempt to sound Australian. However, it does not end our amusement over the fact that Australian officials have set a 24-beer per day limit on fans attending the Bathurst 1000. As in, you are allowed to drink 24 beers, but not 25. Cause you know, there's a huge difference. Why are they enacting this draconian alcohol policy? To cut down on booze-related crime of course.

If you don't know, the Bathurst 1000 is known in the Land Down Under as "The Great Race." Only V8 Supercars are allowed to compete. These days in Australia V8 Supercars consist of either the Holden Commodore or the Ford Falcon. That's it. Thousands of blokes and sheilas turn up in the town of Bathurst to watch the cars run, and turns out they like drinking.

Says police assistant commissioner Alan Clarke, "This is one of the greatest motorsport events in Australia and for some it is a pilgrimage that they make every year... Every year thousands of race fans attend and enjoy the event and Police will not allow their safety to be compromised by a drunken few." So there you have it. Drink your 24 beers, keep your nose clean and you shouldn't have any trouble. Oh, if you drink low- or medium-strength beer, the cops will let you have up to 36. Sweet! Hat tip to Bumbeck.

[Source: Reuters | Image: Ryan Pierse/Getty]

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