VIDEO: Motor Trend's Best Driver's Car Competition offers a few surprises

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Over the years, our favorite magazines have had some spectacular comparison tests, with scores of test data and page after page of subjective text. Motor Trend has practically made a living with comparisons, and its newest feature pits 10 hot rides against one another to see which is the best driver's car. MT used tons of data, added subjective feedback from staff members and included track time at Laguna Seca with pro driver Randy Pobst.

If you receive Motor Trend at home or you check in over at its website, you've probably read the extensive article, but the magazine also produced a 14 minute video hosted by Editor at Large Arthur St. Antoine. Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself. It's chock full of beautiful footage, 638 horsepower supercars drifting around and tire-ripping burnouts. How much more can you ask for?

[Source: YouTube via Motor Trend]

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