One of our eagle-eyed readers noticed something unusual this weekend while perusing the car ads in his local paper. Long Island, New York dealer Atlantic Hyundai was promoting a low-ball deal on the 2010 Sonata. Problem is, the car in the photo is clearly NOT a 2010 Sonata. In fact, it appears to be a rendering of the next-generation Sonata which is now expected to debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show.

So what gives? Most likely the ad was laid out by an underpaid editor at the newspaper who, in the absence of a photo of the 2010 Sonata, did a quick Google image search for that term. Several photochopped renderings including the same one in the ad, turn up on the first page of results. Since most people don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of such things and the image looked pretty realistic (and a lot like a production Genesis), it was a reasonable error. However, when the new Sonata does drop, it will almost certainly be a 2011 model. Thanks to AMBLOOM for the tip!

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