If you ask customers with old, inefficient vehicles that are about to be traded in for a $4,500 voucher towards the purchase of a new car, they'd undoubtedly call the Cash for Clunkers program a smashing success. Ditto for automakers that are ramping up production in an effort to keep dealerships stocked with new cars and trucks. We're guessing a lot of sales managers at dealerships around the country are thrilled with C4C, as metal is finally moving off lots after months of sparse showroom traffic.

Dealers are likely pretty happy with C4C too, and they'd be even more pleased if they could get their money on time. Some dealers have even resorted to making customers sign forms to ensure that the dealership gets its money if the government money doesn't materialize. The woeful processing speed of the voucher checks could receive a boost effective immediately, as The Detroit News is reporting that the U.S. Transportation Department has effectively tripled the amount of workers processing dealer requests.

Those extra heads in processing are very much needed as well, as nearly 400,000 vouchers have been turned in by dealers at a value of $1.63 billion. The added C4C workers will come from the Transportation Department's Enterprise Service Center in Oklahoma City. Beyond the 1,100 Transportation workers on the case, temps have been hired by government contractor Citi to help process claims out of the government's Deleware center. There is no word at this time whether the Department of Transportation needed to use additional funds on top of the $50 million already appropriated to C4C to pay for the extra workers.

[Source: The Detroit News | Image: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty]

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