According to Fritz Henderson, the recently-appointed CEO of General Motors, the future holds exciting things for Chevrolet's iconic sportscar. This news comes despite the admission late last year that development of the next-gen C7 Corvette platform was put on "indefinite hold, with no official or set timetable."

In a bit of good news for Corvette fans, Henderson asserts that the "Corvette pays its rent," meaning that it's a money-making operation for The General. Obviously, the longer the automaker can rely on the current C6 architecture, the more profitable it will likely be.

There's still no indication of when we'll see a new architecture underpinning the Corvette, but Henderson is quick to point out that the current C6 chassis is still an excellent unit to build off and one that's fully competitive with the best sportscars from around the world. Disagree? You've obviously never gotten behind the wheel of the latest ZR1.

[Source: Autoweek]

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