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HBO has been running a new documentary called Dirty Driving, and it details the trials and tribulations of the town of Anderson, Indiana. The small Midwest town has lost thousands of jobs due to the loss of General Motors and Firestone plants, and what few new jobs exist are of the minimum-wage variety. The town is fanatical about its racing, though, and every Friday night, the residents of Anderson show up at the speedway to watch neighbors like Sammy Hawkins on the short oval. Thundercars is part NASCAR and part demolition derby, with a healthy dose of fist fights down in the pits.

Anderson Speedway used to be known as the world's steepest banked quarter mile track, but now it's known as the location of an HBO documentary. We haven't seen Dirty Driving, but we have it on good authority that it's worth watching. Hit the jump to view a preview of the series, and check out the interview with Director Jon Alpert by clicking here.

[Source: Web Rides TV]

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