In Brazil, ethanol tends to be the fuel of choice over gasoline thanks to favorable pricing and the local sugar cane feedstock. As a result most of the cars available there are offered in flex fuel variants that aren't for sale anywhere else in the world. Such is the case with the latest edition of the Nissan Versa which is sold in Brazil as the Tiida. The Tiida FFV uses the same 1.8-liter four cylinder that's in the U.S.-market Versa with a new fuel system. The FFV engine is rated at 125 hp on gasoline and 126 hp on ethanol. The 9.9:1 compression ratio remains unchanged and doesn't do anything to take advantage of the higher octane rating of the alcohol fuel. Some other manufacturers bump their alcohol engines up as high as 15:1 to get more power and efficiency. As a result, the mileage of the FFV Tiida is rated at a mediocre 16.5 mpg (U.S.) in the city and 22.6 mpg (U.S.) on the highway.


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