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Pass by the local schoolyard and you're likely to hear a couple of kids arguing over which superhero would win in a fight, but continue down the street to the corner pub and the debate won't sound much different: Could __XX__ modern athlete beat ___XX___ legend. Of course, for both child and adult, the debate is entirely pointless, but imagination knows no bound... and modern technology can at least heighten the fantasy.

In this case, watchmaker TAG Heuer has taken two of its most famous brand ambassadors, the late, great Steve McQueen and reigning F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, and put them together on screen in a fictitious face-off around Le Mans. The race results haven't yet been determined - there's a contest you can enter at the link below for a chance to win a new Monaco Gulf Chrono Limited Edition, one of Hamiltion's F1 helmets, or a chance to participate in an "F1 driving day." But even if you're not interested in the contest, you can watch the Robbie Williams-esque video after the jump for a good minute-forty's worth of entertainment.

[Source: TAG Heuer]

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