We've known for about a year that Ford wouldn't revive the Lincoln Mark LT after the model's current run ended in late 2008 with the introduction of the latest F-150. That being the case, you might be left scratching you head as to why we're seeing spy shots of a new Mark LT, complete with the most recent rendition of the automaker's toothy grille. Apparently, there's still a market for expensive luxury trucks in Mexico, and that's where this truck will be headed in the not-so-distant future.
Those buyers from our southern neighbors still lining up for a Lincoln pickup will need to pony up an extra few pesos for the privilege of driving off the lot in a new truck wearing a badge from the automaker named after Honest Abe. If you're living outside Mexico and feeling left out... don't. After spending a little time ogling Ford's latest F-150 in its top-level Platinum clothing, we're don't think Americans are going to miss the Lincoln Mark LT one bit. Thanks for the tip, Adam!

[Source: PickupTrucks.com]

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